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It’s a funny pun, apparently. “Monkey around.” Thirty years on, it’s still the pun du jour when writing about Monkey Island, with PC Gamer UK jumping on the bandwagon. The print magazine’s October issue will, as it seems, feature Return to Monkey Island prominently:

This month, we’re chatting to Ron Gilbert about the sequel that was never supposed to exist. The old Monkey Island team has a new perspective, from evolving its art style to modernising the point-and-click style of gameplay. What exactly is the plan for our dear Guybrush Threepwood all these years later? Monkey Island fans are in for a treat with the subscriber cover too, featuring gorgeous art of Guybrush’s favourite zombie pirate pal LeChuck.

Oh yeah, that cover…

… may very well be worth the price of admission alone. Chef’s kiss.

More over at PC Gamer.



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    Threepwood4life on 19 Aug, 2022, 13:13…
    Ive just bought it now and it does contain some new screenshots that have not yet been seen.
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    Allie on 18 Aug, 2022, 18:48…
    I feel your pain on the knee-jerk monkey puns. It's like every time there's a news story about pandas the headline writers are physically incapable of not using the word "pandemonium" in the headline.

    That cover does look awesome though!

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