Our competition 30 Jun, 2007, 23:02 / 2 comments

We've been asked by a few people if we can extend the deadline a little bit, so that's what we've done: you've got a week more to get your fan-work in and be in with a chance to win those very special prizes that you won't find anywhere else (not even eBay!).

Remember, if you've e-mailed in a submission, and you didn't get a confirmation response from me, that means that I didn't get your e-mail. Please leave a comment and I'll get through to you.

I also want to remind people that, really, quantity is more important than quality! This is all for a bit of fun, and the more you take part, the more of a chance you'll have to win. Don't worry if you can't draw or design or bake or sing - marks will be given for enthusiasm.

Also, feel free to send it stuff that you've already published.

Update: since I'm visiting my aunt next weekend, I thought I'd extend the deadline by two weeks instead. Hope this doesn't annoy anyone.


  • MrSneeze on 01 Jul, 2007, 09:02…
    2 weeks! Even better :D
  • CaptainDread on 30 Jun, 2007, 23:56…
    Hooray. I have a few more submissions I'm working on. The extra time will do wonders to ensure their completion.