Oh Guybrush, that IS the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen 19 Jan, 2011 / 13 comments

Here's a head-scratcher to start off your day with: when someone says "Monkey Island" to you, do you think of: a) monkeys, b) pirates, or c) pornography? Because this is the internet, someone, somewhere, thought "pornography" and then, perhaps because the internet just wasn't weird enough, "tetris".

All of which leads us to this, The Secret of Spunky Island, a tetris parody of the original Monkey Island game plus a dash of porn. If you've ever wanted to see Bob the ghost get it on with Guybrush but have been afraid to ask, click here.

Hey, Mojo cookie pirate points to anyone who can think of lines from Monkey Island you're likely to hear in a porno. Post them in a comments.
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    hamm0ndeggs on 21 Jan, 2011, 17:22…
    "Ahoy there, fancy-pants." - Shopkeeper

    "I see you inside the giant monkey." - Voodoo Lady
    "Gross." - Guybrush

    "This looks like a job for Fester Shinetop!"

    "Where are your pants?"
    "What pants?"
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    haydenwce27 on 20 Jan, 2011, 07:14…
    I couldn't help but be reminded of the monkey wrench puzzle.
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    Glo_kidd on 19 Jan, 2011, 23:17…
    Look behind you! a three ****ed monkey!!!
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    whipwarrior on 19 Jan, 2011, 19:57…
    Sophia Hapgood in FoA: "Is that a ship rib in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" BEST line in the game!!! :-)
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    Bad Asp! on 19 Jan, 2011, 14:31…
    Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
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    Threepwood4life on 19 Jan, 2011, 13:47…
    I dread to think what the other substance would be instead of spit to make Largos doll in this kind of situation
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    Ceres on 19 Jan, 2011, 12:34…
    "I can hold my breath for ten minutes!"
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    haydenwce27 on 19 Jan, 2011, 10:51…
    "Prepare to be touched... to death!"
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    Kroms on 19 Jan, 2011, 10:39…


    How appropriate. You fuck like a cow.

    Oh gods. "You fight like a cow" could come from some horrible rape video a serial rapist asshole would make. That probably counts as porn for certain kinds of individuals.
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    The Tingler on 19 Jan, 2011, 07:12…
    "A rubber chicken with a pulley through the middle. What possible use could that have?"
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    beatlefreak9 on 19 Jan, 2011, 01:53…
    Rule #34 in action.
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    MrHarper on 19 Jan, 2011, 01:34…
    How appropriate. You fuck like a cow.
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    valkian on 19 Jan, 2011, 01:25…
    "First you better stop waiving it like a feather-duster."

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