Noah Falstein has an authentic Fate of Atlantis poster, you do not 29 Nov, 2020 / 2 comments

The golden age of video chats with LucasArts alum has yet to peak. In the latest news from November 12th, a virtual interview with Noah Falstein was carried out by the fine folks at Arcade Attack. But you didn’t watch it then, because you were naturally waiting for Mojo to embed it in a news post:

Highlights include Noah describing his role in the conception of insult swordfighting, elaborating on his rejection of the “terrible” Monkey King script as the basis for an Indy game, showing off his rare Fate of Atlantis movie poster, his perspective on why the adventure games traveled particularly well in Europe, and general behind-the-scenes goodness.

Meanwhile, GOG is offering some patently ridiculous discounts at the moment. Remasters excluded, Lucasarts legacy titles appear to be 65% off across the board, meaning they’re all about $2 a pop right now. Angling for the record, Tales of Monkey Island is a whopping 90% off and can be had for $1.49. That’s just crackers.


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    Glo_kidd on 02 Dec, 2020, 18:49…
    Its a side effect of a one track mind im aware but one someone talks monkey island that is what I fixate on lol

    I love the story about the genesis of insult swordfighting. Ron wanted to use the mid hi low system of fighting they used in last crusade but Noah told him he basically stole the mechanic from sid meyers pirates in the first place but took away the swords lol. it is still super noticeable in the sword animations as well, guybrushes moves always had more detail than they really needed
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    elTee on 30 Nov, 2020, 09:48…
    I haven't had time to watch this yet, but is there something special about his poster? Because it was extremely, extremely available back in the day (unlike the Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island posters). You could still pick new ones up on ebay for small change when I started collecting.

    Anyway, looking forward to watching this!

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