News From Our Grave 18 Feb, 2008, 21:11 / 1 comment

(say that headline like this)

Okay, there have been a few scraps of news floating about the internet over the weekend, but we couldn't report on them because we were dead. Now we're freshly unearthed, let's get up to speed:
  • Deck13 Interactive have released an English demo for Jack Keane, their next adventure after Ankh (the LucasArts-inspired game that Telltale helped out with and we cruelly overlooked). It seems to be a cross between Indiana Jones and Monkey Island, and if they pull that off it'll surely be great. The game's due out March 7th in Europe and April in the US, and Mojo will review it this time. Honest. Oh, and if their website is a bit slow, get the demo here instead.
  • As jp-30 helpfully pointed out on our Lego Indiana Jones forum thread, there's a new preview for the game at You can play the Raiders monkey in the DS version!
  • And if you want to keep track of all the Lego Indy previews to date, now has a very nice Previews page, part of a massive update to the site I've started. I'll do a proper news post here when they're finished.
  • Liked the Indy Trailer but thought it could be more old-school? This fan trailer's worth a look!
Anyone else got any others?


  • MrSneeze on 19 Feb, 2008, 00:17…
    Cool Indy trailer.

    So, er... Indy is immortal now, though, right? *cough*