New interview, video drops for This Time It’s Virtual 07 Feb, 2021 / 3 comments

The folks over at VR blog The Ghost Howl snagged HappyGiant CEO Mike Levine for a lengthy interview about Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual. The interview can be enjoyed in the form of a one hour video version embedded below in which subject and host are depicted as Costume Quest characters, while those of you left alarmed by this approach can stick with the transcript version.

That’s not all. Some new footage has been released, in which Sam and Max welcome you to “Cap’n Aquabear’s Funtime Park” -- the depilated amusement park which the Freelance Police have retrofitted into a training academy. Check it out below:


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    Erwin_Br on 19 Feb, 2021, 22:52…
    I got a little seasick watching that demo.
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    JonesJr on 08 Feb, 2021, 10:03…


    Now if only I had VR.

    Couldn't agree more, looks like fun...
    Also... Is Cap'n Aquabear related to Ted E Bear?
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    Kroms on 08 Feb, 2021, 09:50…
    Now if only I had VR.

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