New hosted site: Pacomania 30 Jul, 2004, 16:31 / 2 comments

Who'd have thought? A new hosted site! Much like Dansky's (neglected) MicroXel Arts gallery site, the ever-present Paco Vink has started his own personal page on The Mojo, featuring a lot of art of his you probably haven't see before. Paco is of course the co-webmaster of The World of Monkey Island and the artist behind its popular comic adaptation of Monkey Island 1, but on Pacomania you'll find a lot more than MI fan art. Enjoy.


  • Metallus on 31 Jul, 2004, 20:17…
  • LucasTones on 30 Jul, 2004, 18:46…
    This site looks pretty cool, its good to have another art page on mojo. Still missin' MicroXel though :(