New Simon Interview 25 Jul, 2002, 07:39 / 4 comments

Sorry for the slow news week, but a few of your Mixnmojo staffers were hard at work attending an Editor's Day hosted by LucasArts. More on that later.

For now, LucasArts has posted a link to a new interview with LucasArts President Simon Jeffery at While the interview doesn't reveal any new groundbreaking info, it is still an interesting read. Here's a quote:
HomeLAN - Similarly, the PC platform in terms of technology continues to grow and change at an accelerated rate. In your opinion, where does LucasArts see the PC gaming industry developing in the next year to 18 months?

Simon Jeffery - The PC gaming market will continue to evolve in an organic fashion as technology improves. We will not abdicate the PC market, and will continue to develop games, particularly games of certain genres, for the PC.

Check out the full interview if you are interested.


  • DasJan on 25 Jul, 2002, 09:09…
    They did WHAT? They attended an EDITOR'S DAY? Why did nobody tell me there is one? Why did nobody give me money for a ticket? *grml*
    They visited TIM SCHAFER? Why the heck did nobody ask me to come with them? (And I would have paid THIS ticket on my own!)
    And: Why did nobody asked Luc to come with them to Clint Bajakian? Journalism is a hard business I think ;)
  • telarium on 25 Jul, 2002, 10:12…
    It's because you didn't bribe the appropriate people. Or maybe you just didn't give them a high enough amount.
  • DasJan on 25 Jul, 2002, 13:50…
    Who are the appropriate people? And who are the appropriate people to ask the last question?
  • telarium on 25 Jul, 2002, 14:02…
    I was just kidding... or was I? ;)