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New Poll: To Sequel or Not To Sequel

05 Nov, 2002, 08:07 | Posted by: Webmonkey
The previous poll, "Which of the following characters do you most identify with?," has ended, with the Two-headed Squirrel winning out, Laverne coming in second, and Dan Pettit in third. You can view the complete results here.

The new poll is about sequels. Supposing you had a LucasArts development team at your disposal, would you rather see them give you and "the fans" a sequel to one of your most beloved games... or would you give them the chance to create something new? A tough question really. Go vote!
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: -JoFFa- | Posted 16 Nov, 2002, 17:24
    Come on...Liave sequels to LEC who can do it better..after all its their "tech-to-make-LEC adventure-games..." It's been researched for decades...Nobody could do "their" sequels better then they're...
  • Comment by: Bobo Donkey? | Posted 11 Nov, 2002, 06:47
    We could do with a Maniac Mansion 3? this time with other characters from the original MM cos another DOTT with Bernard just wouldnt work. How many people agree with me there?
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 12 Nov, 2002, 13:34
    I might, if you explained *why* a MM/DOTT sequel couldn't work with Bernard...
  • Comment by: Bobo Donkey? | Posted 18 Nov, 2002, 06:19
    Well remember at the end of DOTT when Bernard Hoagie and Laverne were sent back to *yesterday*? What happens when they get home? Do they meet themselves just before they set out on thier adventure? Think about it. They would just be in some sort of time paradox.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 10 Nov, 2002, 16:43
    Honestly, I just want more LEC adventures. I don't care if they have existing or new characters in them.

    Though I did vote for "...spend two years making me a brand new game!". Go figure.

  • Comment by: Marek | Posted 09 Nov, 2002, 10:51
    Here's an idea. Let's dump the names of the people who voted for sequels in a news post so we can all point and laugh!
  • Comment by: bobbyjmalloy31616 | Posted 07 Nov, 2002, 15:53
    i'd have one team working on grim 2 . then once another finishes, then i want a new game. i can't wait for sam and max hit the road again
  • Comment by: netmonkey | Posted 06 Nov, 2002, 17:26
    enough with the sequels.. adventue games are not be hollywood-tized! :P
  • Comment by: ZeroXcape | Posted 06 Nov, 2002, 07:14
    I typed a lot of comments, but I forgot to enter a password and now those comments are gone. Feel free to read my mind.
  • Comment by: twifkak | Posted 06 Nov, 2002, 14:45
    Well, I read your mind, and wow! You blow my mind, man. I had no idea that LucasArts games had that much to say about the human psyche. Interested in reading more of your mind in the future.
  • Comment by: chuzwuzza | Posted 06 Nov, 2002, 02:06
    For god's sake it's happened again. This is the second time a new poll has come up, and I can't vote in it because it says I already have. This is the first time I've checked mojo today, and most definitely haven't voted. :P
    what's going on?
  • Comment by: jimmycracker | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 15:32
    Need more sequels. Need dott2, need fullthrottle2. Need more, more, more!!!
    Oh, sorry. Anyway, they've lost most of the good writers now, so chances are if they made a new character, it wouldn't be nearly as good as some of the old ones.
    The stories might not be as good if they made a sequel, but they'd still have the characters. And that's better than nothing.
  • Comment by: laceyware | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 14:22
    While I like sequels, they often seem to me to be made because the developer has no other ideas at the time.

    So, I go for original games. GOOD sequels are fine, but original games are better.

    That said, I want to see a sequel to DOTT...
  • Comment by: Deez | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 12:18
    I voted for new game, but I like sequels too. Hell I like anything that is Lucas adventure related.
  • Comment by: chris | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 13:02
    I concur.
  • Comment by: JBRAA | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 10:16
    lucasarts isnt god or anything. if any good development team put their brain and heart togeth. + lots a funding i'd get a great game to play. ...possibly. just guessing. so what im saying is that im voting for lec to do whatever they want to do, as long as it is of quality and enjoyable to play. :)
    GO LEC! Edit: lucasarts isnt god -anymore- :) hihi ...or maybe they will be. i havent played the new games. dott/samandmax/ft/dig would be my lec-religion. gimme more of those. or better. or else! :)
  • Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 09:29
    as long as the original game is ORIGINAL and an ADVENTURE game i dont mind which
  • Comment by: BooJaka | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 09:29
    You know DOTT is a sequel, right?

    And where's Dan Petitt?
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 09:31
    Of course, but DOTT could have stood alone as an amazingly thought out and designed game. It borrowed Bernard and the Edisons, multiple controllable characters and the item-passing from MM, but it's definitely its own thing. EMI though... Okay, maybe I'm cheating a little and DOTT should be changed for a better example there.
  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 20:16
    I was wondering....
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 06 Nov, 2002, 16:28
    I'll probably change it later. feh.
  • Comment by: Endy | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 09:09
    You forgot the missing third option:

    - Either, as long as its adventure and doesn't involve meaningless action sequences.... or freaking light sabers :)
  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 08:31
    I think I could rock the fans world with some amazing and true sequels. I wouldn't want anyone to go insane by being so amazed though. Oh hell, I'd make them anyways. It'd be nice to have LucasLegal ON your side.
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 05 Nov, 2002, 08:11
    Note to DJG: Add an "Edit Poll" feature to the admin page. It seems these things are 100% guaranteed to include lame typos. Sigh.

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