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New Poll: Old Games

24 Nov, 2002, 01:03 | Posted by: Webmonkey
A running theme these days on sites like Mojo and The SCUMM Bar seems to be the ever-present problem of those old LucasArts adventures breaking and just totally sucking on modern computers with new-fangled cutting-edge operating systems like... anything made past 1997.

Thankfully, our polls are always meaningless and sometimes aren't even fun! That's why this time around, we're asking you how you get your old games working on your new(ish) computer. Do you use the venerable ScummVM package, or do you prefer the LEC Quick & Easy approach? Or, maybe you're just blessed with a computer that magically runs them all without any modification. Finally, maybe you're just confused out of your mind and hate me.* Regardless, you should vote and discuss.

As for the last poll, "You have a spare LucasArts game development team at your disposal. Would you rather see them..." ended with 37% of you demanding sequel sequel sequel, while 63% (aka "the correct people") said they'd rather see an original game that was actually original, and wasn't "original with a '2' at the end."

*Those of you who are actually clueless about getting your old LucasArts games up and running on your shiny new computer should check out the links earlier in this post and this lovely article about it at the SCUMM Bar.
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Cal | Posted 05 Dec, 2002, 18:15
    I cant get Q&E to launch Indy Last Crusade (256 Color version), also i have the spanish version of THE DIG, i cant get it to work either, any thoughts?
  • Comment by: Bozeke | Posted 30 Nov, 2002, 10:33
    Remember Alf?
  • Comment by: benjoyce | Posted 25 Nov, 2002, 07:35
    It works well on my XP machine!
  • Comment by: Remi O | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 17:31
    Q&E with VDMSound owns all.
  • Comment by: 8t88 | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 14:48
    I have every LEC adv. game availiable. All werk except sound on MI1. Pfft!
    (MI2's my favourite anyway!)

    I use both SCUMMVM and LEC Q&E to run the games on WinXP.

    Hats go off to Ben. Good werk, my man!
  • Comment by: scabb | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 14:33
    ScummVM is win, although most of my LEC games work on Win2000 anyway.

    The only one that doesn't being Grim Fandango :(
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 19:10
    Where's GrimeVM?!?
  • Comment by: Metallus | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 14:15
    ScummVM plus "Quick + Easy" frontend by bgbennyboy is my winning combo. Woo.
  • Comment by: jimmycracker | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 12:19
    Everything works perfectly on my Mac without any modifications. Ah, Macs rule.
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 12:51
    You'll need (well, you'll really really badly want) ScummVM if you ever upgrade to MacOS X though.
  • Comment by: Sloth | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 10:13
    Strangely enough, every LEC game works fine on my Windows 98, except for Full Throttle. I can't explain it, but they all work like a charm.
  • Comment by: Gabez | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 10:21
    I hate you. :P
  • Comment by: Huz | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 07:33
    Where's the "au naturel with-DOS-sound-drivers-deliberately-broken-and-butchered" option? :P

    Also, I think VDMSound falls under LEC Quick & Easy. Or perhaps not.
  • Comment by: Dalixam | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 07:22
    VDMSound does the job for me. Why isn't that an option in the poll?
  • Comment by: Jake | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 11:41
    File under: LEC Q&E
  • Comment by: Marek | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 06:33
    I keep an old computer for playing old games...
  • Comment by: Niklaus | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 12:34
    386 20Mhz 4Mo/RAM RULEZ !
  • Comment by: JBRAA | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 05:31
    Go win98 systembootdisk! CD, mouse *and* sound support. You can't take screenshots into your psp or ps though. (Well perhaps you can, there might be a DOS screengrabber program, but it's not worth it to search for it at Go Win2000 Alt+Enter window-mode!
  • Comment by: ED | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 03:59
    Go Quick and Easy! I use it cos I can't get ScummVM to work at all and Q&E does.
  • Comment by: Gabez | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 03:18
    Computers are insane.
  • Comment by: JBRAA | Posted 27 Nov, 2002, 12:53
    you brain fell out
  • Comment by: Andi Wan | Posted 24 Nov, 2002, 03:10
    Monkey Island 2 works on my PC, but the sound is a bit screwed up.

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