New LEGO Jones site up 30 Apr, 2008, 21:24 / 3 comments

LucasArts LEGO Indiana Jones site has been given the full overhaul, check it out here;

Some gaming site/show previews have been captured and made it to YouTube (featuring lots of hilarious cut-scenes and game spoilers, so watch at your own risk);

Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3


  • jp-30 on 30 Apr, 2008, 21:40…
    There's a 'demo' link at the new site too, but it just goes here (no demo yet).
  • jp-30 on 30 Apr, 2008, 21:53…
    From the forum; "Be sure to check back after May 12 to download the PC demo"
  • The Tingler on 30 Apr, 2008, 22:35…
    Good, I was wondering that.