New Insecticide PC trailer 18 Mar, 2008, 17:17 / 4 comments

Also from EIEIO 2008 was a new trailer for the PC version of Insecticide. You can see it over at The Girl Gamer. (It's the first of the two videos.) It's pretty cool.


  • Diduz on 19 Mar, 2008, 09:10…
    I'm a bit bummed about the bad reviews the DS version is getting. The PC edition looks very nice, though. It's the first Crackpot title, I really want them to succeed. Is mojo review ready? I'm curious to read a fan's point of view. :-)
  • The Tingler on 19 Mar, 2008, 15:57…
    I'm still fighting my way through it, but for first general impressions check out our forum thread on the game. Almost all of the complaints are specific to the DS version - the PC version should fix everything.

    However, if you love playing your DS, there really isn't anything else like it on the console. If you want Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, or Sam & Max to be played on a handheld, get Insecticide - it's your only choice and it's a good one.
  • Diduz on 19 Mar, 2008, 21:09…
    Read, thanks! :-)
    That's exactly what I had thought. Almost every reviewer is complaining about controls, so I guess PC version won't suffer from that.
  • The Tingler on 18 Mar, 2008, 19:45…
    Technically it's actually at GameTrailers (as per usual with Insecticide videos), but it's still a pretty cool trailer.

    Does anyone else (who's played the game) think Ms. Quinbee reminds them of Mom from Futurama?