New 3D Indy Game? 04 May, 2002, 19:19 / 3 comments

As pointed out by daniel_amitai in this Mojo Forums thread, LucasArts is running a banner on which features a pretty nice looking 3D Indiana Jones (holding IndysWhip?, too).

The banner also features Jango Fett and some mysterious lady. Go take a look.


  • SamNMax on 05 May, 2002, 10:33…
    If Indy's got a new game it looks like it would be for the Nintendo GameCube.
  • The_Petrified_Monkey on 07 May, 2002, 03:21…
    I would hope so but it isn't on the Nintendo E3 banner... This doesn't mean it WON'T happen though as Nintendo have confirmed that there will still be some secrets announced. Here's hoping... [wishes really hard but ends up looking constipated instead...] :-)
  • Blaze^ on 05 May, 2002, 03:06…
    Since LucasArts have announced that a Indy game should be released fall 2002 i guess it's time to unveil it?