Never before seen Indiana Jones FMV tests admonish us to highlight Daniel Albu’s latest 22 Jun, 2024 / 0 comments

It’s been politely noticed by our dear readers that we’ve arguably fallen a bit delinquent in highlighting Daniel Albu’s latest interviews, always trackable in that dedicated forum thread, despite their objective status as The Most Mojo Things Ever. I guess it never occurred to our constituents that we might still be watching them.

But the point is made, and it’s high time we catch up on the LucasArts developer interviews that have come along after Annie Fox got her due February. Since then, Daniel invited Aaron Giles over for a third session, to discuss the features introduced in DREAMM 3.0…


…before pulling Noah Falstein back into the virtual studio for some further Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis commentary…


…which was in turn followed by a conversation with voice director extraordinaire Khris Brown…


…and then, in keeping with the theme, by a chat with that other legendary voice director, Darragh O'Farrell…


…which might have felt pretty darn lonely if it hadn’t been chased down with a session with Mike Levine:


This latest one has been generating quite a bit of buzz, as Levine used the opportunity to debut rare footage: some fairly unbelievable tests for Indiana Jones FMV sequences using live action, filmed at ILM. Though things didn’t pan out for Indy, the techniques would be leveraged to published success in Rebel Assault 2. It’s unclear if this bit of R&D was part of the cancelled Iron Phoenix adventure game (which is said to have undergone experiments along those lines when a contractor failed to deliver on more traditional animation) or some other project altogether, but regardless of the exact origin you get a decent George Lucas anecdote, so why complain?

Mojo will soon return to cover the upcoming release of Afterlife.

Source: Tech Talk with Daniel Albu


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