More games make it to the greatest games of all-time list 30 Jul, 2023 / 1 comment

Rock Paper Shotgun continues its annual "Top 100 PC Games of All-Time" shenanigans. Last week, Tales from the Borderlands came at #93, Return to Monkey Island made it to a respectable #85, and Knights of the Old Republic was at #79.

Now the second half of that list is out. Interesting choices all-around, with Firewatch at #39 and The Walking Dead: Season One hitting #22. (Honourable mention to Half-Life: Alyx, which some Mojo graduates worked on as part of the subsumed Campo Santo.)

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


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    Rum Rogers on 31 Jul, 2023, 08:50…
    12. PowerWash Simulator

    There goes the credibility of this so-called list.

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