More RTX Screens 21 Dec, 2002, 09:36 / 3 comments

GameSpyDaily has some new RTX Red Rock screenshots for you to check out. The oddest of the bunch is this one, featuring an old man that Marek calls "the professor." My question is: why does the old man have the Marathon (and by definition Halo) logo on his nametag? Injoke or placeholder? Probably the latter. Also check out EZ Wheeler's eyeware.


  • QueZTone on 21 Dec, 2002, 14:28…
    wow, did you see that super high quality image of Wheeler? omg!
  • Marek on 21 Dec, 2002, 09:51…
    Note: LucasArts has not officially confirmed whether said character is indeed a professor, or just a bearded guy with wacky goggles.
  • telarium on 21 Dec, 2002, 11:34…
    Or Herman Toothrot. After all, you can't tell from the screenshot whether or not he's wearing pants!