More LucasArts Memories 10 Apr, 2013 / 3 comments

There's been lots of reports about LucasArt's demise, but here are a few you may have missed:

I'm sure there's many more out there -- so if you know of any more good ones please post them in the comments.

Also, we're planning to make a LucasArts Memorial podcast. Please e-mail comments, thoughts, memories etc. to podcast [at] either as a sound file or a text message! If it's a sound file we will include it directly in the podcast. Thanks.



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    counting_pine on 11 Apr, 2013, 02:26…
    "But giving all of yourself creatively never stopped. Ever. Marriages failed as we poured our hearts into games [...] . Pregnancies were delayed in favor of project milestones. Funerals were missed."

    This is really sad. There are some tragic losses in perspective there..

    [EDIT: Sorry, just realised I'm basically giving a brief version of the PA Report article.]
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    jp-30 on 11 Apr, 2013, 02:00…
    This summary of the LucasArts' final days is interesting, and heartbreaking.
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    clone2727 on 10 Apr, 2013, 17:14…
    From Kotaku:

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