More Indy details fuel Mojo’s delusion of renewed purpose 18 Jan, 2024 / 3 comments

You’ve seen the videos, now it’s time to read the articles.

First up is an interview with game director Jerk Gustafsson featuring all the unflinching gossip and hard-hitting questions you’d expect from

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly confirms that Indy is being performed by Troy Baker, known for playing a guy name Joel in that game The Last of Us, and context clues suggest that people who are familiar with video games made since Obama’s second term are going to find that exciting. For the rest of us, we’ll be replacing all the lines in our heads with Doug Lee.

And while you’re at it you might as well check out the game’s press release over at the official Bethesda site, which also includes the first screenshots. Naturally, Mojo already has them all gallery’d up, because we pull out all the stops for our readership.



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    LGH on 20 Jan, 2024, 07:12…
    Well, there are definitely some Indy vibes in the trailer that catch my interest. And the graphics look really good.

    I also appreciate the fact that they didn’t use existing Indiana Jones music from the movies, but composed a new score, And then went the extra mile to record it with an orchestra. That decision alone gets my deepest respect!

    I think I’ll give that game a chance and play the beginning. But probably I won’t get very far since I suck at action games ;-)

    Perhaps I’ll watch the whole story afterwards in a let’s play video on YouTube ;-)
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    AlfredJ on 19 Jan, 2024, 23:39…
    I do actually really like what they've been showing. There's the potential for some great exploration fun here.
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    WorldMaker on 19 Jan, 2024, 04:21…
    I like Troy Baker as an actor and I appreciate he’s working overtime here to try sound enough line Harrison Ford at the right age without doing a distracting impersonation either, but something about the performance I’ve heard so far I’ve decided he sounds way more Tex Murphy than Indiana Jones and once I started hearing it that way I couldn’t hear the actual character it was supposed to be.

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