Monkey Island RetroPerspective 25 Jun, 2009, 05:15 / 1 comment

On the lucas forums, user parabolee has pointed out that GameSetWatch has a nice overview article about the Monkey Island series. Tales of Monkey Island also gets a mention, as do Laserschwert's massive posters.
It’s a gorgeous looking game, though. Not just for something that’s almost 18 years old – it is genuinely stunning. I’m glad they never released it in EGA form, and really, it’s quite possible that they weren’t able to technically – the level of detail probably relies on things like, you know, more than 16 colours.
If you're looking for that second link that's identical to the first link that we at Mojo tend to post after the quote, here it is.


  • Ascovel on 25 Jun, 2009, 08:58…
    Thanks, I always keep hoping that second link to come up and it never fails to make me smile.