Mojo interviews Rex Crowle 18 Sep, 2022 / 5 comments

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” - Marius (probably)

If you think Mojo was done and dusted before Return to Monkey Island releases tomorrow, think again. Our German bureau chief, Marius, sat down with art director Rex Crowle to talk about the game, fandom, Marius’s hair… Everything!

Your mouth may be dry from anticipation, so refresh yourself with this nice, cool, tall drink while you await the game’s release, twenty-one hours from now.



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    Thrik on 30 Sep, 2022, 20:21…
    Fantastic interview! Thank you Rex!
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    elTee on 20 Sep, 2022, 20:11…
    This is a great read. Amazing work Marius, and thank you Rex!
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    Scott S on 19 Sep, 2022, 14:44…
    Hey guys, you're famous; Ron's first post know what is all you:
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    Kroms on 18 Sep, 2022, 20:49…
    Mojo needs an edit button.

    * Story

    * How he'd have felt had that happened to him in the days he launched Mixnmojo.
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    Kroms on 18 Sep, 2022, 19:05…
    That Spaff anecdote may genuinely be the funniest Monkey storu...ever? Imagine how he'd have felt when he kicked off Mojo.

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