Mojo: Your source for outdated coverage 15 Nov, 2006, 19:36 / 9 comments

You know what they say about slow news days - you've got to spend them digging up old Eurogamer video interviews with Jim Ward so that you can make unfair remarks about his rehearsed games industry sermons. And what kind of dickweed would I be to disregard They?

Check out Part 1 and if you're a compulsive completist, Part 2 of such an interview with Czar Ward from August. He doesn't say much that he hasn't told us before: how it's inexcusable for games to get delayed, how the company has moved "far beyond" being just a Star Wars company, etc. There's also some possibly (but probably not) unseen clips from Thrillville and Indy (which hopefully won't suck) thrown in. Still though, I'm almost positive this hasn't been mentioned before, and our negligence is your wasted quarter hour.

In Telltale news, yet another update of the Bone games is being released in the near future which is hinted to be more substantial than the previous one was. Who knows? Jeff Smith, maybe.


  • Sven_Q45 on 29 Apr, 2008, 21:07…
    But Indy 7 is only for consoles. :(
    LA is only an publisher today. :(
    SWKOTOR and Republic Commando were good games.
  • Gabez on 15 Nov, 2006, 23:06…
    Hee, Czard Ward... that's a good one
  • clone2727 on 15 Nov, 2006, 23:31…
    I was thinking Fuhrer, but Czar works too ;)
  • valkian on 16 Nov, 2006, 14:46…
    What about... art-screwing, baby-killing, ewok-licking, money-loving, jhon williams-listening, ron gilbert-hating, smile-faking, mixnmojo-crashing, andrew lloyd webber-admiring, JIM WARD!

    Ah, just kidding, he is a great guy (well, no... not really)
  • Inium on 15 Nov, 2006, 21:27…
    Is it just me, or does every time Ward talks sound like LucasArts is in serious money trouble? Most of this interview was "We can't go over budget, we need more sources of revenue, we need a wider market."

    I wonder if anyone has ever actually felt that LucasArts has been on "the bleeding edge of technology." I mean sure, they have put out some wonderful games (in the past) but I've never really felt they were the height of technological innovation.

    Anyway, Jim Ward is full of cr*p, new Indy game will suck, glory days are gone, viva la revolution, etc., etc.
  • Udvarnoky on 15 Nov, 2006, 21:44…
    Now now, let's at least give Indy a chance. We still haven't learned too much about it, and we will in the near future since the release is next summer.

    I don't think LucasArts is in financial trouble right now. They were at the moment Sam & Max got canceled, but since then they've had a huge hit in Mercenaries and HUGE hits in their Star Wars games since then. While it's simply not true that these games were bad (or even mediocre, I'm thinking Lego Star Wars II), a lot of the reason LucasArts is back on its feet is probably because of its stricter policy and it'll probably stay in place for awhile to come. So no, I don't think LucasArts is in a tight spot just because they're playing it safe. All signs point to them doing pretty well, actually.

    I agree, I don't think the company was ever at the "bleeding-edge" of technology. I never saw LucasArts games as being superior from a technical perspective (although you could argue that a few things, like the leap made with Grim Fandango, was a big deal at the time). It was always the quality of the games themselves that used to set the company apart.
  • Inium on 15 Nov, 2006, 23:38…
    Totally, I'm not saying LA's in any money troubles, I'm just saying Jim Ward makes it sound like it :)

    Latest LA stuff has been, for me, fairly good, but nothing to write home about. LEGO Star Wars is pretty quality, but some other titles have just been "okay" and the support that they've offered for them is just terrible.

    Also, I'm willing to give Indiana Jones a fair chance, I'm just saying that what little I've seen of it so far has left me unimpressed. Least I can always count on Mojo to keep me up to date on it and more, 's always good to know.
  • Udvarnoky on 15 Nov, 2006, 21:56…
    Also, Mojo will be covering Indy in earnest. I can't speak for Thrillville, Traxion, or Star Wars Game X though. ?
  • jp-30 on 16 Nov, 2006, 04:00…
    Star Wars Game XXXXXXVII, no?

    And I loved you Czar Ward pun. LOVED it.