Mojo Re-run: Gabez's tenth anniversary article 25 Apr, 2020 / 3 comments

One of the more insane and popular features this site has ever published was the tenth anniversary article by Gabez in 2007 -- a particularly fruitful year for the mischievous staffer. When it ran originally, the celebration/exposé garnered over a hundred comments. Even DJG himsef got in on the act.

Six years later, Remi re-published the article, but his effort to import Gabez's abusive HTML into the far less tolerant MojoX was predictably compromised. Today, we've gotten it into more faithful shape, and thought that would be an excuse to milk Gabez's deranged opus a third time. It's still a mess, but what can you do? Read it.


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    Rum_Rogers on 25 Apr, 2020, 09:56…
    It's crazy how I remember pretty much all those Mojo incarnations.
    I just lurked back then, but shit am I old.
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    AlfredJ on 25 Apr, 2020, 04:13…
    This lead me to the original comments, with this horrifying gem:

    "I really can't believe 1998, when I first visited this site, is almost 10 years ago. I feel old. Where did the time go?"

    I'm going to get a drink.

    The article itself is a work of art, of course.
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    Remi on 25 Apr, 2020, 03:10…
    Come 2027 and with a bit of luck, I think we’ll have this article formatted properly.

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