Mojo Archives Now Searchable... and Email! 24 Nov, 2003, 02:54 / 2 comments

After three or four years without the ability to search our news archives, we've received a lot of emails telling us we're idiots. Well, you can all shut up now, because the news post archive is now fully searchable! (If you're wondering how to get to that link normally, look at the bottom of this page, or at the bottom of any news comments page)

The other nice addition added tonignt is that when you click on the name of a news updater (or a user who has posted a comment), you'll actually be able to email them. Up until an hour ago, the usernames just linked to nowhere. Oops.

Thanks to tabacco for getting the search script up and running.


  • Marek on 24 Nov, 2003, 10:49…
    Jees, this site is almost becoming 'convenient'.
  • tabacco on 24 Nov, 2003, 03:21…
    Next step: load testing! ;)