Me mother's also me sister, yarr 19 Sep, 2008, 19:03 / 2 comments

Yarh you blue-faced poopey pansy: it be th' time dhat t' mighty ship Nightligh' be setting sail fer anot'er darnchy adven're -- man t' sails 'n' swab t' decks or I be confabulating yer tidy wives till t' jill of t' hens be knocking on yer door!

Gander and cribbin at t' new episode of Beneath Monkey Island, and listen again to t' beforehard episodes at t' mainspray.

Salutations amongst t' other-folk? Rum 'n' dandy!


  • valkian on 20 Sep, 2008, 02:58…
    That's the way to do it! AYE!
  • The Tingler on 19 Sep, 2008, 22:31…
    (applauds loudly)