May Red Nose Be With You 17 Mar, 2007, 00:02 / 4 comments

Taken from the TT Games website; TT Games is supporting British charity Red Nose Day by offering a special secret cheat code for LEGO Star Wars II (on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC and Gamecube).

It puts red noses on all the characters in the game ? from Han Solo to the Emperor. See classic Star Wars scenes as you?ve never imagined them!

All they ask is that you make a donation to the charity, of any amount you can afford, suggested donation is ?1.

See here for more details
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  • clone2727 on 17 Mar, 2007, 23:46…
    The only problem is that once one person buys it, he/she can just post it on the internet.
  • jp-30 on 18 Mar, 2007, 00:49…
    That's hardly a problem considering the donation is by 'honesty' only, (the code isn't revealed on a donation page after payment ghas been sent or anything) and anyone who clicks through on the page given above can get the code.
  • Melancholick on 17 Mar, 2007, 22:20…
    That's a really great idea. Kudos in particular to TT for apparently having the foresight to plan this thing.
  • valkian on 17 Mar, 2007, 16:45…
    Patch Adams meets LEGO Star Wars II?