Mathew Smith? Egad! Zounds! 13 Sep, 2005, 22:36 / 2 comments

You know what makes Mojo so God damn great!? Our glorious little hosted site children! Look at them there... they sing, they dance. They act and they cook. They?re our cute little baby children that we had together but it?s our little secret and don?t you dare tell anyone else about them or I?ll poke your little beady eyes out.

With that in mind I interviewed Mathew Smith about his web-site, Uncle Matt?s dead fish emporiam, otherwise known as Nightlight Productions. Don?t know what that is? For shame! Read the interview to top up your brain knowledge and then whip yourself mercilessly with a copy of the Bible.

Oh, and Indy Month is still charging forward full steam ahead. It?s just that it?s, well, a very long month. I think it ends in February and the reason for that is because Harison Ford is a very old man and so takes longer to complete his orbit around the sun. But two more spine-tingling articles will be coming eventually, I promise. That?s our little promise there and don?t you dare tell anyone about it.


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