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Massive Chalice Premium Backer Beta Is Out Now

22 Oct, 2014, 00:03 | Posted by: Jennifer
The beta (which is a near-complete version of the game that can be played from start to finish) for Massive Chalice is out now for people who pledged $50 or more. If you're one of those people, you should have received your codes from Humble Bundle. If not, contact Humble Bundle support and they'll get you sorted. According to the Massive Chalice blog, the plans for the release of the game for those who didn't back high enough for beta access will be announced soon, after the team sees how the beta period goes.

While we're on the subject of Double Fine, they're going to be holding a free to attend Day of the Devs event again this year, on November 1st at the Old Mint Building in San Francisco from 4PM to 11PM. They'll have lots of recent and upcoming Double Fine games to play, like Costume Quest 2, Massive Chalice, Grim Fandango Remastered, and more. There will also be a lot of games available to play from the other developers that are part of the event. To see the full list of games and to make a reservation for the event if you plan to attend, check out their Facebook event page.

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