Maniac Mansion now on Steam 20 Dec, 2017 / 3 comments

It happened without warning, and goodness knows it happened decades later than it should have, but the the original Maniac Mansion is now available on Steam. Sure, you already have it as a free bonus feature within Day of the Tentacle, but don't you want the pleasure of buying it individually, especially since the last time you could do so was like forty years ago?

And anyway, it's less than five bucks. So do it. Do it now.

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    AlfredJ on 22 Dec, 2017, 15:29…
    Oh, huh, this is odd. I'm always surprised when something suddenly happens with the Lucasarts classics.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 21 Dec, 2017, 20:52…
    Thanks for the info, Jason!

    I wish they could have added achievements or something, and that it wasn't just ScummVM support, but still. Great game.
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    Jason on 20 Dec, 2017, 13:10…
    FYI because it is not obvious: the purchase comes with both the original and enhanced versions of the game. ScummVM is bundled with the installation and will by default launch the original version, but if you select "Return to Launcher" from the ScummVM menu and then Add Game you will find the "enhanced" directory in the installation folder that you can choose.

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