Make today an Outlaws soundtrack Tuesday 28 Aug, 2018 / 3 comments

Or, indeed, Wednesday if that’s when you’re reading this. Or any day, but I digress . . . We love ourselves some Outlaws music here at the old Mojo, enough so we want to share it with you:

That’s right, MP3s and FLAC -- we treat you so fine! Now go listen, and agree that Outlaws is an underrated classic, be it soundtrack or game.


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    Laserschwert on 04 Sep, 2018, 16:08…
    When you announced more music content for the site, I was hoping for stuff like uncompressed ToMI or EfMI. Outlaws is a great soundtrack, no doubt, but very easy to rip it yourself from the game CD.
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    Zaarin on 02 Sep, 2018, 21:01…
    From ripping the original CD.
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    Javier Tolstoi on 02 Sep, 2018, 20:23…
    Where did you get those flacs?

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