MI:SE Q&A OMG 09 Jun, 2009, 18:07 / 10 comments

Have questions about the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition? Well, join up and become a fan of the game on Facebook, and you can post questions for an official Q&A. The answers will start appearing at 3pm PST today, so hurry up!

Update by Thrik: All over now. Check out Thunderpeel's transcript on the Mixmojo forum.


  • Melancholick on 10 Jun, 2009, 19:46…
    He did answer the question about Cobb with some amusing insight, so there's at least that.

    Particularly in the sense that whoever dropped the "Staff of Kings" joke in the announcement thread wasn't that far off in terms of where they almost went with it. Hee-haw.
  • Laserschwert on 10 Jun, 2009, 00:09…
    Well, that wasn't too much new insight... but I think there's only so much you can say about this release. At least we had a chance to tell them how we feel about it, and that we're definitely interested in more SEs.
  • Glo_kidd on 09 Jun, 2009, 22:51…
    I asked:

    -Should we be on the lookout for any new easter eggs in this version?
    -Did the high prices the the original games sell for on eBay have any influence on the decision to re-make SMI and re-visit the genre?

    My copy of SMI FM-Towns cost an ungodly amount of money :P

    And Craig Derrick replied:

    Yes, there are some visual easter eggs.

    The Ebay costs had nothing to do with it now that I've already sold all of the copies from the Lucas vaults at INSANE prices! How do you think we funded the SE!!??

    hehe, and here i though it was us collectors driving up the price ;)

    oh and, YAY! new easter-eggs!!
  • Jeo on 10 Jun, 2009, 09:34…
    There was also a very familiar looking skull in the scene with LeChuck's ship deep beneath Monkey Island.
  • black_sheep on 10 Jun, 2009, 05:51…
    I actually found an easter egg that wasn't in the orginal SMI. Instead of the sam n max totem pole in front of the giant monkey head, now they have replaced it with the purple tentacle instead, i think they did that mostly due to the fact that they don't own the rights of the sam n max series.

    So that's one easter egg for ya!
  • syntheticgerbil on 09 Jun, 2009, 19:57…
    I asked two or three questions, including a rude one asking why Guybrush is so ugly. I also asked about the voices in classic mode as well as the original Spiffy the Dog portrait being added along with the new one. Hopefully they don't glaze over them.
  • Santar on 09 Jun, 2009, 19:28…
    Hopefully we'll find out if voices in classic mode can be added.
  • jp-30 on 09 Jun, 2009, 22:16…
    Though I cont find my link, I'm certain that 'classic mode' reverts to original music & text-only.

    I agree it would have been nice to be able to hybridise the Classic Mode and have options of using the voices & new soundtrack there too.

  • syntheticgerbil on 09 Jun, 2009, 23:19…
    Someone will need to hack it.
  • QueZTone on 10 Jun, 2009, 16:27…
    im sure someone will if they don't include it....
    they'd be stupid not to include's an obvious fan request..

    even though releasing the MI:SE in the first place is a huge outreach and homage to fans, they have to be careful not alienate those same fans with the whole 'lets ignore their opinion about the hair' and 'music only in SE' takes on this.. :)