MI Guide returns 28 Jun, 2007, 21:06 / 3 comments

The International House of Mojo is pleased to welcome an old hosted site back into the network. Presenting... The Essential Guide to Monkey Island!

The site features a comprehensive database with character and item profiles, a full history of the games, and some technical wizardry known as a "flash" intro. It?s lovingly crafted and bursting with juicy fan goodness.

You may also remember that Matt, the creator, also made the adventure game that we mentioned a few days back.

If you?re reading this and are an old Mojo Webmaster (or Webmistress) who?s site didn?t survive the server crash, leave a comment. We?d love to have you back, like some sleezy father who's learnt the error of his ways.


  • marquisdekiel on 29 Jun, 2007, 07:09…
    Good to be back! Greg will check if there's any hope at all - but it seems the end of the line might be lost forever.
  • Udvarnoky on 28 Jun, 2007, 21:45…
    More resurrections please!
  • Gabez on 28 Jun, 2007, 21:07…
    *Gasp!* Webmonkey returns as well!