Luftwaffe 2: Aerial Revenge 26 Jul, 2002, 11:07 / 4 comments

No, that's not the title (or at least we *hope* that's not the title), but it seems at LEC's press event, IGN beat out of them that Peter Hirschmann (Medal of Honor) and Larry Holland (Luftwaffe, XvT) are working on a World War II aerial combat title.
In this World War II aerial combat fighting game, players can engage themselves in the world of a handful of fighter pilot aces in air-to-air and air-to-ground battles in a slew of combat theaters across Europe and relative territories. A story-driven game, LucasArts' title enables players to take on the role of an elite squad of pilots who must confront military enemies in some of the most difficult and dangerous missions of the war.
Check out IGN for the full article.
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  • Mad Lord Snapcase on 27 Jul, 2002, 13:42…
    I knew it!
  • Falthorn on 27 Jul, 2002, 06:24…
    I'm pretty sure it's Medal of Honor.
  • DJG on 27 Jul, 2002, 09:07…
    Sorry. I'm a moron. Fixed.
  • Jake on 26 Jul, 2002, 12:25…
    Sounds like Peter Hirschmann was working on a MOH-themed flight game? Maybe I'm mistaken.