Lucasfilm shuts down Fate of Atlantis fan remake 01 Mar, 2017 / 4 comments

You may recall that time a year ago when we reported that an indomitable band of Germans were seeking to get official approval for their HD remake of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Those of you who hate surprises, I should warn you: this isn't going to be one.

Hi Fans!
Quick announcement!
We have been asked politely by a new promoted Lucasfilm Head of business development person to stop developing and distributing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition demo.
We will remove the downloading buttons from our website this Sunday (5th March 2017)
We have been told that Lucasfilm don't want to share the Indy license with anyone right one, so we came up with other solution and we will see if that is going to work for them.
We will keep in touch with Lucasfilm people and continuously trying to obtain a deal for a full project development!
Lucasfilm has seen what we have done, we proved our skills, show them a great effort and strong responsibility, they have received all required documents and now it's up to them if they will change their minds and start supporting Independent developers.
Whatever the response will be, We are extremely proud of what we have done, it has been a great fun, we will love this project forever and we thank you all who participated or support us during this "long-term, free-time" development.
Fans community is strong, full of talented people and nobody is going to stop us from doing what we love, because we are doing it right! This is not the end of this project and this is not the end of any fans projects...big companies need to understand that: "All things come to him who waits." #lucasfilm #lucasarts #adventuregames #disney

Which reminds me, I'd be much obliged if you guys could keep my painstaking remaster of Defenders of Dynatron City that's nineteen years in the making under your hat.

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    Threepwood4life on 05 Mar, 2017, 20:38…
    Bit off topic but according to a brochure at the GDC conference Full Throttle Remastered release date is 18th April from this link think it's in french
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    Remi on 05 Mar, 2017, 05:27…
    One could say it was rightly shut down, what with them wanting official sanction and all. I personally didn't love the look of the version. But all of that said, still sucks for anyone who has put much work into something and then get smacked down.

    Kinda like Mojo and all of you (7) bastards. :D
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    ATMachine on 05 Mar, 2017, 01:19…
    Yeah, I don't think many people were clamoring for this release. Sad to see fan projects shut down though.
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    Kolzig on 04 Mar, 2017, 16:27…
    I do have to say. I downloaded the demo because of this news and that "special edition" demo is an insult to the original classic game.

    The character models, animation... I'm no graphics designer but the original beats this one always.

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