LucasArts to compete with chickens, lay (off) some employees 17 Nov, 2010 / 11 comments

LucasArts, some company that put itself back into our collective hearts last year but is now trying its hardest to not stay there, has laid off an undisclosed number of employees. This depressing news comes, even more depressingly, from that eternal spring of fine journalism IGN.

According to the company, the "minor" layoff will not affect any future or current projects. You may take that promise with as much salt as you desire. I don't blame you.

Tingler Updates: Kotaku have a response from a LucasArts rep, and they confirm some layoffs.

"LucasArts recently made a minor adjustment in staffing to help us better address the needs of the business," said a LucasArts rep. "We remain committed to our internal studio – and to fostering relationships with trusted external partners – in order to deliver quality games that amaze and inspire fans."

Hmm. I believe they also said that after the previous round of layoffs, right before the rep confirmed that the next-gen Indiana Jones was still coming and "looked amazing".

Kroms updates: Thanks to Jeff from the comments for pointing out this Gamasutra story, which indicates the layoff may include up to 50 people. Duke Nukem co-creator George Broussard claims the laid-off employees were working on an unannounced project.
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    The Tingler on 18 Nov, 2010, 05:51…


    Err, that update makes no sense. That quote is already in the IGN article.

    I thought it was important enough to include, especially as it's exactly the same twoddle they've said before. I didn't realise it was in the IGN article though.
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    hierohero on 18 Nov, 2010, 03:44…
    LucasArts hires a new president. He fires employees. Says he has a new vision for LucasArts. He leaves. LucasArts hires a new president. He fires employees. Says he has a new vision for LucasArts. He leaves. LucasArts hires a new president.........
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    Jason on 18 Nov, 2010, 01:40…
    My favorite comment from the Gamasutra piece, emphasis mine:

    It sucks yes... but... it's not like anyone should be surprised by the behavior of LucasArts. This WILL happen again, I have no doubt, and if you are hired under the impressions that you will be working towards a long standing career with Yoda, you have only yourself to blame when it doesn't happen. This is like their 10th full hire, full layoff in memory. I've turned down interviews with them countless times because I'd be job hunting right now; nuff said

    Sounds like LEC has worked very hard to build themselves a certain reputation!
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    VoodooFX on 17 Nov, 2010, 23:48…
    My biggest question on this matter is, why is George Stobart Broussard commenting on LucasArts' lay-offs? Was he the lead on this unannounced project or something?
    Let me guess, he's been developing first a person shooter Indy game since 1995, starting off with Dark Forces engine, then switching to Jedi Knight engine, then to Quake3, then ... etc, etc.
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    Rum Rogers on 17 Nov, 2010, 10:58…
    Hmm... I smell more crappy dark years at LEC
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    QueZTone on 17 Nov, 2010, 08:24…
    Everytime a big title is finished and it flops, they fire people. Perhaps they should either hire freelancers or outsource the production. That way people don't get fired so much over at LucasArts.
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    Zaarin on 17 Nov, 2010, 07:28…
    Err, that update makes no sense. That quote is already in the IGN article.
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    Jeff on 17 Nov, 2010, 02:06…
    Gamasutra reports it could be up to 50 employees: link

    Hardly a minor number.
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    jp-30 on 16 Nov, 2010, 23:14…

    Remi O

    They have future and current projects?

    Not anymore.
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    tfarr on 16 Nov, 2010, 21:58…
    That's a shame. If any good could come from the layoff, the least we could hope for is that it would prevent LucasArts from releasing more crappy Star Wars titles.
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    Remi on 16 Nov, 2010, 21:55…
    They have future and current projects?

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