LucasArts says 'STFU' to new site 06 Apr, 2008, 10:27 / 14 comments

The Force Unleashed site is up. Go take a look if you want.

If you haven't already, you'll need to watch the trailer and then check out this Penny-Arcade strip.

UPDATE: Of course the main draw in the new site is 'The TFU Experience' (they really haven't seen Spaced, have they?) video, which shows off the game on the other non-LucasArts developed platforms. Prepare to seeth with rage when Haden Blackman says "we wanted the game on as many platforms as possible" and then forgets to mention the PC in any way.

Anyway though, there seem to be cool exclusive features on every platform, as Glo_kidd suggests is probably to get people to buy more than one copy of the game.

PSP version - historical fights from the movies.
PS2 version - Jedi Trials mission.
Wii version - incredibly cool control system that seems to work just as we'd hoped.
DS Version - A handheld console you actually want to own.
360/PS3 version - Full LucasArts-developed Euphoria-powered version.
PC version - The chance to play through Jedi Knight, TIE Fighter, KOTOR or Empire At War again.


  • black_sheep on 07 Apr, 2008, 02:26…
    lol at the pc version. Thats the one I'm geting.
  • Melancholick on 06 Apr, 2008, 22:37…
    It'll be a sad, sad day when Mojo finally closes its doors. I don't laugh half as hard as I do when reading things like the console benefits listing.

    I.. I love you all.
  • Kroms on 06 Apr, 2008, 15:19…
    Ugh, only the Wii one looks interesting.
  • Udvarnoky on 07 Apr, 2008, 04:32…
    Actually, it sounds more to me that the 360 and PS3 versions are where all the effort was put and the ports will get the short end. Just a suspicion though.
  • The Tingler on 06 Apr, 2008, 18:30…
    I'm trying to be optimistic about this game. LucasArts are putting their all into it, and if it is crap, LucasArts (not to mention the next Indy game) are doomed. They will have spent years on a dud.

    I think the proof of the pudding here will be in the playing. Will it be a engaging story? Will the combat be any good? Will it be fun?
  • Kroms on 06 Apr, 2008, 18:45…
    lol death to Lucasarts then: at least Ronzo'll get MI back. But then again I'm not a HUGE SW fanboy so I'm a little less excited about this than most people...
  • Jennifer on 06 Apr, 2008, 19:46…
    I'm not a Star Wars fangirl, but I don't want to see LucasArts die. People from Telltale have said that they are in communication with LucasArts, and that they are at least open to conversation about licensing their adventure game properties.

    The thing I'd most like to see from LucasArts though is an original adventure game, as up to the late 1990's they seemed to have fantastic new IP's and very few sequels.

    But, a Day of the Tentacle-esque sequel where the game only resembles the original in that it is set in the same world and has some of the same characters would be really cool too.
  • The Tingler on 06 Apr, 2008, 22:20…
    I'm not expecting a new adventure game any time soon (or care, as all of LucasArts' talent in that talent has left), but some new decent IP would be nice. Fracture and Thrillville are NOT it.
  • neon_git on 06 Apr, 2008, 19:37…
    Sadly I don't think Ronzo will ever get to do another Monkey Island whether LucasArts goes under or not.
  • Kroms on 07 Apr, 2008, 03:04…
    Don't be so pessimistic. You never know what happens.


    Sadly, most of the adventure game talent has left Lucasarts. They should just leave adventures alone. If I were them I'd LICENSE Monkey Island to Ron Gilbert, and publish it. He'd make his last game, and they get shitload of money.
  • Glo_kidd on 06 Apr, 2008, 02:18…
    after catching up a bit on their page it would seem to get the complete Force unleashed experience you would have to get it for several different platforms.
    wiimote lightsaber action on wii,
    Heavy Euphoria engine stuff and destructable environments on 360/ps3,
    Jedi trials on ps2,
    Original movie re-enactment but on overdrive on psp,
    and uniqe new force powers (or somthing like that at least)on DS

    hmmm, maybe im misunderstanding something
  • neon_git on 06 Apr, 2008, 01:55…
    It was pointed out to me today that if Star Wars was written as one word the game would be STFU.

    Well it made me chuckle.
  • elTee on 06 Apr, 2008, 08:21…
    Haha yes, George Lucas has really been throwing out great acronyms this year.
  • The Tingler on 06 Apr, 2008, 10:05…
    And I thought TFU was great enough!