LucasArts making an open-world RPG in addition to other things? 23 Aug, 2011 / 0 comments

In the comments of the previous news post, which now merits a follow-up, Kroms made note of a LucasArts tweet which said, "It should be noted that we're hiring for a number of positions and games, including @clicknothing 's." To clarify for my Mom, @clicknothing is Clint Hocking's Twitter name.

Indeed, a quick glance at the open positions at LucasArts would lead you to believe that in addition to an open-world RPG, they're working on an action/adventure title, a first person shooter title, and an aerial combat title. Could even one of these not be a Star Wars game? The "Secret Weapons" series is certainly due for a new installment, or perhaps the flight sim could be a game based on Red Tails, the first Lucasfilm feature without Star Wars in the name since Radioland Murders (1994).

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