LucasArts making an open-world RPG? 23 Aug, 2011 / 5 comments

According to LucasFilm's jobs page, LucasArts is apparently hard at work on an "open-world RPG". This slightly vague term could encompass anything from DeathSpank to Oblivion, but will still be a wildly more ambitious title than anything we really expected from LucasArts. They're damn hard to make, require a lot of development time, and plenty of committed staff. It'll be cancelled, in other words. Nevertheless, the requirement "passion for making and playing innovative games" does inspire hope in me at least.

Oh, and Ron Gilbert should totally call his autobiography "From DeathSpank To Oblivion".


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    jp-30 on 25 Aug, 2011, 00:18…
    I've said it before, but Indy Jones could work really well in an RPG setting.
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    Kroms on 23 Aug, 2011, 18:42…
    Well, shit.
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    Shmargin on 23 Aug, 2011, 17:50…
    Itll either be canceled, or a rush job, or you'll play as Ewoks. Ill be more excited when theres more than a text announcement.
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    Logic on 23 Aug, 2011, 17:30…
    Interest = perked
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    Kroms on 23 Aug, 2011, 16:55…
    Well, Clint Hocking isn't just sitting there throwing darts at the wall, is he? We were always being hyperbolic by saying they're doing nothing.

    Could be that their "new directon" is to make big blockbuster games. Who knows? Certainly beats social network games, or, you know, nothing.

    Also, I'm dead-set on getting Ronzo to name his autobiography "How I Spanked the Monkey".

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