LucasArts catalog perhaps coming to Disney Infinity? 09 Jul, 2015 / 3 comments

Can anybody explain to me what Disney Infinity is? I did my due diligence and skimmed the Wikipedia page, but I can't make heads or tails of it. I'm just too old.

But the reason I'd like to know is that there's this Polygon interview with some vaguely-titled muckety–mucks of Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive where they say, well, this:

I asked Ada Duan, vice president of business and franchise management at Lucasfilm, what other properties the studio might be considering for Disney Infinity.

"Are you thinking about Howard the Duck?" she said to laughter from Disney Interactive studio vice president and general manager John Blackburn and Disney Interactive vice president of production John Vignocchi. "In terms of Star Wars content, there's definitely more Star Wars coming out. What these guys have been saying is that Disney Infinity is a platform for all the IP across the company, Star Wars being part of that. You'll see more. As more movies and TV shows come out and there's evaluation of what we can support, I think Infinity is going to support all the IP across the company. As Lucas comes out with more IP and more Star Wars."

Blackburn added that Disney Infinity's studios are always pitching ideas to Duan, who job is to look after the interactive division of Lucasfilm and work with gaming partners on all Star Wars and Lucasfilm properties.

It was Duan, Blackburn pointed out, that helped get Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions the ability to work on Day of the Tentacle.

And even those old adventure games aren't off the table, Vignocchi said.

"I'll be like, please, can we do Secret of Monkey Island?" he said. "And she'll say, ‘Can we talk about how relevant this is? There are so many other things we could do.'"

Duan acknowledged that, for now, the company is "looking forward."

What the hell, Ada?!

Source: Polygon



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    Gov. Phatt on 12 Jul, 2015, 20:02…
    We at the Disney Corporation want to provide the best Star Wars gaming experiences to our fans.

    Star Wars. Nothing but Star Wars. Give us those Star Wars. Don't let them end. Ahhh, Star Wars. If they should bar wars, please let these Star Wars....staaay!
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    Vladik841 on 10 Jul, 2015, 05:08…
    I don't have the console, but i would definitely buy several of the nice figures then! :)
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    Jennifer on 09 Jul, 2015, 16:39…
    I'm actually pretty addicted to Disney Infinity (although I like the first game a whole lot better than the second, hopefully they bring the features of the first back for the third, and don't just add new features while removing others in the third like they did the second).

    I have way too many figures already. If they ever did make LucasArts figures, I'd go bankrupt.

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