LucasArts announces Thrillville 2 03 Jul, 2007, 16:56 / 5 comments

I got nothing. The Man Room does.

Update: You could also check out the press release.


  • neon_git on 04 Jul, 2007, 05:26…
    WHOA Coasters! Where can I pre order this bad boy?
  • valkian on 04 Jul, 2007, 03:59…
    HOLY COW! how did I miss this?
    This is the happiest day of my life. Only comparable to the day Thrillville was announced.

    Oh, crap... my pants.
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Jul, 2007, 17:03…
    Ohhhhhhhh man, do I feel like a dope. Now LucasArts has got that PSP exclusive Battlefront spinoff and a Thrillville sequel coming out this year. 2007 will be a year to remember. You can't always be right I guess.
  • clone2727 on 03 Jul, 2007, 17:36…
    And, where's that new Indy game? :P
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Jul, 2007, 18:04…
    Quietly pushed back to 2008. Look for it around the time the movie comes out.