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LucasArts Updates... Again!

17 Nov, 2002, 13:37 | Posted by: DJG
In Friday's update, you can find new screenshots for Star Wars Galaxies and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. You'll notice that the in-store date for the Gamecube and Xbox ports of Jedi Outcast have been set for the week of November 18th. You may also want to check out this statement from LucasArts regarding the enviornments found in RTX Red Rock. And finally, the Knights of the Old Republic product spotlight has been updated with a new character.

On a less fortunate note, it seems the 20th Anniversary celebrations have been removed from the main page. Too bad, but I guess the fun had to stop sometime.

Update: The 20th Anniverary logo seems to have returned... but for how long?
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 18 Nov, 2002, 12:01
    Why is Disco spelled like an acronym? Am I missing something?
  • Comment by: Bobo Donkey? | Posted 18 Nov, 2002, 06:39
    Just incase anyone hasnt seen it yet. Heres a link to a Monkey Island? related flash movie.

    Have fun.
  • Comment by: Scummbuddy | Posted 18 Nov, 2002, 12:05
    Jesus. That made me laugh and cry. I was laughing until Guybrush said "You mean..". Thats when my smile turned to disgust. It was funny though, but I know why this didn't make front screen mojo news.
  • Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 17 Nov, 2002, 13:47
    oh and that 20th button on the right top is back again :)
  • Comment by: QueZTone | Posted 17 Nov, 2002, 13:45
  • Comment by: BooJaka | Posted 17 Nov, 2002, 14:21
    So people have far too much free time. Give it to me!

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