LucasArts Unleashed in Vanity Fair 12 Feb, 2008, 01:27 / 0 comments

There's a gigantic article in Vanity Fair, mostly about Force Unleashed. Indiana Jones gets the scantest mention.
Given the steep learning curve, Jim Ward is careful to downplay expectations about The Force Unleashed, but Hirschmann expects that the company?s growing understanding of Euphoria and D.M.M. will enable LucasArts to do even better work in subsequent games, such as the future Indiana Jones title.

There's already a rebuttal piece up on
That sort of narrowness or "asymmetric feature monomania" permeates gaming. Some hot new technology looks absolutely amazing, the design team hype is contagious, the media keeps the spin-top spinning, and then pfft...

The article was assembled pre-Ward resignation, obviously.