LucasArts Soundtrack Takes Europe By Storm 20 Dec, 2002, 14:52 / 3 comments

As seen at The SCUMM Bar, the famed "Best of LucasArts Soundtracks" audio CD is now available for purchase in Europe, thanks to German online retailer SynSoniq. Now stop bugging me for MP3's! (people in the US and Canada can still get the CD here)

Hopefully what has happened here is that North America has offered to trade Europe some copies of the Best of Soundtrack CD in exchange for some copies of The Entertainment Pack adventure compilation, but that has yet to be seen


  • Swordmaster on 21 Dec, 2002, 04:54…
    Too bad the price at SynSoniq is more than double the original LucasArts price. :| (15.95 USD vs 35.95 EUR; dollar and euro are roughly the same value)
  • LucasTones on 20 Dec, 2002, 15:24…
    Look, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you: DESTROY THIS POST. I had lost any hope of getting this CD, I now have no money and by the time I do have money everyone will have read this post and bought up all the copies! NOOOOOOOOO
  • Sopabuena on 20 Dec, 2002, 22:09…
    Yes if I cant get this nobody should!!

    buy buy buy