Limited Run Games listens to feedback, reveals considerably cooler Monkey Island box set 25 Nov, 2020 / 1 comment

After fans politely noticed that the first pass had subjective room for improvement, Limited Run Games went back to the drawing board to incorporate a number of tasteful changes to their commemorative Monkey Island anthology set with the guidance of Force ghost Laserschwert. Behold what can happen when an audience is listened to:

That's a major upgrade, with only a small growth in price point. Have your credit card at the ready on Friday, December 4th, when pre-orders will open -- for real this time.

What's that? We're several days behind on this rather significant news story? Only because we credit you with being people of taste who have therefore already been discussing it on the forums. For those who have fallen short of our expectations, why not pretend there's still something to complain about and join in on the discussion now?

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    Glo_kidd on 01 Dec, 2020, 22:33…
    I absolutely love the redesign as I've stated elsewhere many many times and have no issues justifying the price considering how much I have spent on obscure international releases I cant natively play without additional software lol.

    I will say I'm surprised they didn't use the Murray model from tomi as a base for the statue. I think telltale totally nailed the 3d representation of comi Murray. That being said the current design doesn't detract from my desire for this.

    Really these days I could just get a tomi Murray 3d printed by someone online if I reallllly needed that one.

    okay what I am saying is after I buy the hell out of this and give it a cherished place in my collection I am totally going to commission a tomi Murray skull from somewhere lol

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