Limited DOTT ready to run 08 Jul, 2022 / 3 comments

Not content with you taking out a second mortgage for the a Psychonauts 2 collector’s edition, Double Fine has joined up with Limited Run to produce a boxed Day of the Tentacle. For a somewhat reasonable $85, the loot includes an OST CD, a poster, a tentacle flag, a hamster hand warmer, and fake barf.

And if you’re a cheapskate, there’s a standard box with just the game for $35, too. Hell, get both!

Orders open on the 22nd at 10 am Eastern. Once again, here is the link for the Double Fine completionist.



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    AlfredJ on 10 Jul, 2022, 14:03…
    For anyone here that wants that fake barf but feels like it's out of their price range: I can produce the real thing for a lot less money.

    (I do like that these games are getting this kind of love right now, but I kinda wish they went fully weird and did the triangular box thing. Maybe it'd be too complicated, but adding a piece of cardboard that you'd have to fold and assemble yourself should have been possible).
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    OzzieMonkey on 10 Jul, 2022, 01:55…
    I think my wallet will take a rest from buying up Mojo-related boxes until Return to Monkey Island inevitably gets one. I've already got the MI Anthology, Save the World, Beyond Time & Space and This Time It's Virtual (the latter 2 still in production). I think all of those provided more goodies that made them worth getting. The DOTT one seems pretty minimalist. Idk, maybe I'll change my mind in the next couple weeks.

    On ReMI: Do you think they'll release it by itself or include it in a revamped anthology for those that missed out the first time? I'd be kinda miffed if they did that, cause that first box was not cheap and I would've saved my money if I knew it was going to be obsolete only 2 years later. I'm kinda already feeling that tbh, even though the book is great.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 09 Jul, 2022, 19:51…
    It's a shame the artwork is just made up of screenshots from the game rather than anything new or interesting. Note that it also claims the game was co-written by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick... which I don't think either of them would be happy with.

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