Fire up your credit card for these Psychonauts 2 collectibles 07 Jul, 2022 / 0 comments

iam8bit has announced a bunch of Psychonauts 2 merchandise, all of which looks awesome. (And none of which is cheap.) Leading the pack is the “Psychonauts 2 Collector’s Edition,” which includes… well, everything, really. Sticker packs, art cards, discs, pin sets, and so on and so forth. The price? A cool $129.99.

Don’t put away that credit card yet, though: A super tempting six-LP set is waiting for you for (also) a mere $129.99. Or you can go for two discs for $49.99. A 250-page art book? Also $49.99.

And it all looks pretty sweet.

Of course, if you were a backer, some of these will be available gratis (for some). But you already read that email.

For the rest, go broke getting the aforementioned good.

Source: iam8bit


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