LeChuck has a voice 08 Aug, 2022 / 2 comments

Here we go, then: Neo LeChuck:

To editorialize: I like it! Boen-esque yet with an individual spin. Suitable to the character. Very LeChuck. As for the blah-ing: If I were a betting man, I wouldn′t be surprised if, in the final game, the VO would fade into the background as we regain control of the game.

And that LeChuck′s Revenge-style music. Chef′s kisses all around.

Update! Sources have confirmed to Mojo that LeChuck is voiced by the prolific Jess Harnell. (The source being a Tweet from Ronzo.)


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    WorldMaker on 11 Aug, 2022, 17:18…
    Thought it sounded a bit Wakko before even catching the credit. That's not a criticism, Jess Harnell is awesome, my brain is just too much of a fan at spotting common great voice actors.
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    AlfredJ on 08 Aug, 2022, 17:13…
    God I love his mouth animation

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