LEC Store Sells Special Shirt 11 Dec, 2002, 14:22 / 3 comments

Ralgath has pointed out that a LucasArts 20th Anniversary Character Montage Longsleeve shirt is now for sale at the official LEC store.

The shirt features images of such characters as Elaine Marley, Manny Calavera, Ben from Full Throttle, the angel from Afterlife, Purple Tentacle, Indy, and more.

Check it out here, but of course, the shirt seems to only be available for those of you living in the US and Canada.


  • blueaston on 07 Feb, 2003, 09:18…
    Waaaaaaah! I want one, but am also in the UK. All I got from the store at LucasArts was "get a friend in the US to have it delivered to"! So anybody wanna be my friend (just to take delivery of a t-shirt, you understand!)
  • Bobo Donkey? on 12 Dec, 2002, 09:49…
    Well, being one of the many people who lives inside the UK (I?m from Scotland }:?) I have only One thing to say.

  • Carlius on 12 Dec, 2002, 04:29…
    Hmmm I think guybrush should been there instead of elaine, he represents monkey island more but what ever, it was a cool shirt. LEC should consider selling outside the US and Canada, I read that there is a bigger intrest for adventure games in Europe thus it would be smart to sell to fans outside North America. If they want the cash$$$$ =)