Kickstand Kicks it Up a Notch 31 May, 2002, 10:53 / 4 comments

The Kickstand, one of our hosted Full Throttle fan pages, has relaunched with a brand new design. You may want to keep a close eye on this page in the future, due to the recent announcement of Full Throttle 2.

In addition to the redesign, the site features new content. Most noteable is the fan art page, although the webmaster is asking for people's help to fill in the gaps on who created some of the art. If you can help in any way, drop Ben_Whatshisname a line.


  • black_sheep on 01 Jun, 2002, 03:08…
    the site is really BORING cause it doesn't have alot of info about FHII
  • Metallus on 01 Jun, 2002, 09:18…
    If you're talking about Full Throttle 2, that's because no one has info about that yet. Have some respect.
  • TheRealMatt on 01 Jun, 2002, 02:10…
    I can honestly say that there are better uses of a comment than that... YAY BEN!
    In case anybody is wondering, don't expect a radical redesign of the Polecat's Lounge any time soon. Althought once schmatz is done with his schooling we'll be churning out pages (in FLASH!!!) once again.
    In closing, grapefuit moose airplane
  • netmonkey on 31 May, 2002, 23:41…
    So you can get your new design announced here? Well... maybe you should say something about MonkeyGames, cause it's been redesigned as well.