Kicking Off 2024: The Year of “Escape from Monkey Island” 04 Jan, 2024 / 2 comments

But Escape from Monkey Island’s 25th anniversary isn’t until next year, you cry, and right you are. What needs to be taken into consideration is Mojo’s track record with anniversaries, which is... less than stellar. In that sense, it only makes sense to start a year earlier, and when we finally hit the actual date, we may or may not match up. It’s all more or less logical.

So, to start it off, we have videos. Many, many videos.


And if you don’t want Mojo’s fake(-ish) EMI trailer, you can spend your day comparing the PS2 cutscenes to the PC ones. Dig through all the EMI videos to find official trailers and who knows what else?! (And for those who are YouTube averse, we’re in the process of putting all of this up on Mojo proper.)

More to come! And if you followed us on Mastodon or Bluesky you would have seen most of these, as we often provide exclusive previews there.



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    daltysmilth1 on 10 Jan, 2024, 14:19…
    Any chance of getting a new version of the soundtrack with all the cutscene cues, like we did with Curse?
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    LGH on 06 Jan, 2024, 14:53…
    Ah… EMI. The most underestimated Monkey Island game. Sure the controls were a mess (how can you take the Grim Fandango engine and manage to make it even worse?)

    For the rest, the game had great humor, excellent voice acting, new Monkey Island music played again by live musicians, and some quite good puzzles (e.g. the swamps of time). The 3D models were clumsy, but some backgrounds were quite good, and the graphics in the prerendered cut scenes were state of the aer back then.

    It may not be the best Monkey Island game, but for me, at least it was a worthy one.

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