Just can't stop dancin' 16 Jun, 2007, 23:51 / 5 comments

If you haven?t been posting on our forums, what have you been doing? Rowing? Walking? Dancing? I think not.

There are two threads that might be of special interest to you, if you haven?t already seen them. The first is about a proposed Secret of Monkey Island remake, with updated 3D backgrounds. You can view some of said backgrounds at the designer's web-site.

Secondly, it?s worth noting that bgbennyboy is looking for feedback for his Quick and Easy software. He wants to know if people have experienced any technical problems with LucasArts games, especially on Windows Vista, Windows XP 64 or Windows Vista 64. Report your finding and help his work, over on this thread.


  • fajerkaos on 17 Jun, 2007, 09:11…
    "I can dance if i wonn'o, I can leave my friends behind, 'cause my friends don't dance and if they don't dance then theeeeey're -- no friends of mine!"

  • jp-30 on 17 Jun, 2007, 09:36…
    Scissor Sisters > Men Without Hats
  • fajerkaos on 17 Jun, 2007, 10:19…
    Most bands > Men without hats

  • Bobbin Threadbare on 17 Jun, 2007, 07:17…
    What happened to Behind Mojo?
  • CaptainDread on 17 Jun, 2007, 00:31…
    A monkey took a pee in my soup.